5 Ways To Help You Get A Promotion At Work

Most people would love to get paid more money for what they do. However, wishing that were true isn’t going to make it happen, here are a few ways to help you reach that promotion.


1. Be Up Front

Before quarter one or the start of the year sit down with your boss or supervisor and let them know what you want. Inform them where you plan to be in 6 months or 3 months or heck even by the end of the year. A good boss or supervisor will want to help you achieve these goals by giving you opportunities to grow and prove yourself. They will want to provide support to keep you on track.

Being forward is great but, the key is to avoid announcing plans to “jump ship” or that you want to take over your boss’s position. Instead, think bigger and broader and come ready to discuss the ways in which your boss or supervisor can help you.

2. Work Well With Others

Employer’s often don’t like to see that the employee is all about “I” and not so focused on “we.” It takes many working parts functioning together for a company to run smoothly. Engaging well with others shows you can be trusted and that you’re willing to put yourself out there.

Collaboration may open your eyes to tasks that aren’t exactly in your job description. Actively start seeking more responsibilities ask your boss what else you can help with. Look for ways to improve processes in your company, help the team more, make other people’s jobs easier, etc. A good boss will be thrilled that you want more tasks and that you’re taking the initiative to seek them out.

3. Be Desirable

One way to make yourself irreplaceable is to be the go-to person for a specific task. Maybe you know how to handle an upset client or customer, maybe you are the only one who knows how to get the sale's spreadsheet to filter properly, or maybe you are willing to help anyone who asks. People in positions as the go-to person are not only sought after by other coworkers but also by leadership because they naturally stand out as someone who others are looking for.


4. Stay Positive

This one is easier said than done, we all have bad days, sure. But instead of taking it out on the people around you try to look at the bright side. It’s easy to always be down on yourself but, if you’re the one who people are going to, to lighten their moods then that gets noticed and talked about. Just ask yourself would you like to work with Debbie Downer who always needs to be lifted up? Or would you prefer to work with, Patty Positive who makes you smile? Positive people help keep morale up in the office space. They get noticed by coworkers and leaders and even by people who don’t work directly with them.

5. Be Accountable

Having good problem-solving skills can make a huge difference to your employer. Many companies seek people who are willing to see a problem, generate alternatives or solutions, and then implement them. Knowing that you can see a problem and then fix it shows self-management and good use of your time, all attributes employers want.

Getting promoted is not an easy task—it takes time, learning, and dedication to yourself and the business. However, being forward, playing well with others, obtaining go-to status, boosting morale, and being accountable are all things you can do to put you on the right track to that promotion.

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