Stop Dragging your Feet and Get that Job Search Started

Not feeling challenged at work? Dreading the day ahead at your desk? Want more responsibility? If this sounds like you it may be time to leave that job and try something new. I know it's easier said than done right? WRONG.

These steps should help you get started on a career path you’ll be satisfied with.

1. Dust Off that Resume

That’s right, it’s time to search your computer archives to update your work history. You know the resume where you still have that summer where you worked for your uncle, at his sketchy car dealership?

Now updating your resume shouldn’t be as taxing as it seems, there are many resources online to help you figure out the proper wordage and even get a review of your resumes appearance and quality. There is always LinkedIn your living online resume - use that to help guide you. However, some quick tips for your resume are:

  • Remove Old Positions
  • Update Your Skills
  • Update Formatting


2. Find Your Listing Café

Just like café shops the internet is saturated with job sites. Many make empty promises such as “find your dream job in one day” or “We do all the work”. Some sites claim they are free “work with our free recruiter” but, actually you can’t apply for anything unless you pay for their services. So the best way is to look at niche job sites, sites listed by type of job, asking your personal connections, working with an agency or our personal favorite


3. Checking Out Your Option

Once you find your ideal job site it’s time to look at all your options. Spend some time looking up different positions in the area you want to work. For example, there are many positions in the Marketing, Sales, and even Advertising departments. So, look into all fields related to what you are interested in.

Once you determine what position you may like to take in a company, look for the industry you want to explore. Whether it’s behind a computer or talking face to face with a client, you’ll want to know your interests and strengths ahead of time.

Next, you’ll want to focus on the experience level requirements. In some cases, just because you've been working doesn’t mean your skills or experience will transfer over. This will definitely be the case if you’re going into a whole new field. Say you don’t stack up to a lot of the skills for the new role you want, you may have to take a lower position until you can advance. Make sure you’re aware of the requirements and be aware of your own professional background. Taking the time to apply for a job where you don’t meet expectations will be a waste of your time.

Here’s an easy list of other things you may want to consider before applying for a job:

  • Does this role fill into my long-term career plans
  • What benefits do they offer
  • What would the commute look like
  • Is this something I really want to do
  • What do I know about that company culture

4. You Found That Golden Ticket

Hooray, you found your dream job, okay maybe not “dream job” because, we all know we can’t get paid to stay home and watch Netflix. So you at least found a few positions you would like to apply to, what now? Well, start digging. Find out everything you can about the company, get in contact with someone who works there and see if they’ll answer a few questions about the company and what it’s like to work there. Make sure you cater your resume to highlight every skill that ties to this position and company. Once you’ve done your homework get started on that application.

The End

Take a breath and push submit. Good Job, onto the next one.

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